Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Future Social

I wonder if the future Social Media incarnations will be as popular as Facebook and Twitter?

There is this futuristic vision of people 'jacking in' to their systems and becoming part of a virtual reality world, but somehow even though that would be an advantage in some things, a replacement for actual social media?

I personally think VR would be great for Gaming and Education, taking online Gaming to a new level, Education to a more level plane with more interactivity.

Social media on the other hand is more to do with communication than visuality, if you were to enter a VR version of Twitter of Facebook I believe it wouldn't be as spontaneous or as good an experience as they are now. After all, if you want to virtually meet people visually, there's a better place to do it even now in the present, out THERE.

Facebook and Twitter as they stand at present spawn friendships that span continents, and an eventual meet up (TWEETUP) is a spectacular thing, the effort alone of physically meeting people whom you've only ever chatted with through keyboard and possibly Skype is worth it.

No! VR will never take the place of proper social media, it will become the TV of the virtual world, something you jack into to relieve the boredom in a visual way, the ultimate 3D TV in fact, total immersion, but that's another story altogether...

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