Monday, 13 April 2009

Amilo Pa 1510 Memory Upgrade HOWTO

If you're the proud owner of one if these Fugitsu laptops, and only have 1Gb of memory installed then you either have one 200PIN DDR2 SODIMM and can easily upgrade to 2Gb by installing another using the upgrade memory slot located underneath (Instructions for this lower down).

Or you may be in the same position I found myself in with two 512Mb SODIMM’s taking up both the internal and the upgrade slots, so here is how to upgrade to the maximum memory capacity of 2Gb for this model of laptop. The procedure may be the same for other models of the Amilo range of laptops, but I cannot guarantee this.

These are the only tools I used to do this, a  spring hook and screw driver, of course you need to take all the normal anti-static  precautions etc…. as well.


First of all we need to remove the Battery, cant be doing with any power running through the system while doing this.


We now remove the Keyboard retaining screw which is clearly marked on the case.


Turn the laptop over and open it up, excuse the dirt, needs a good clean :).


We now need to remove the keyboard, there are six clips that need to be released, once they are gently released the keyboard should just spring up, but be gentle with them you don’t want to break them. following are the locations of the clips.

I used the spring hook to release the clips

Clip 1 between the Tab & Caps key’s


Clip 2 between the Esc & F1 key’s


Clip 3 between the F5 & F6 key’s


Clip 4 between the F10 & F11 key’s


Clip 5 between the Num Lock & Scroll Lock key’s


And finally Clip 6 between the PgUp & PgDn key’s


You should now be able to lift the keyboard.


and then gently pull the keyboard out of the enclosure.


Now turn the keyboard over face down (this way you will not have to disconnect it) to reveal the internal memory compartment. At this point I took the time to give the system a clean and gently hoover it and the keyboard of any dirt etc… that accumulated over time.


Now unscrew the memory compartment,

14-unscrew_memory_ access_panel_resize

and replace the existing 512Mb memory with the new 1Gb taking care not to damage the two memory retaining clips.

15-remove_old RAM_resize

Reseal the memory compartment and replace the keyboard, push the keyboard gently at each clip point, you should hear a click for each of them.


Now for the upgrade memory compartment.

The keyboard retaining screw was removed earlier, unless of course you are only doing the upgrade memory slot. The screws that need to be removed in order to remove the case panel are indicated with a yellow dot on the picture below.


Remove the panel to reveal the SODIMM Slot.


Here you can see that you can also upgrade the hard drive and the PCI-M wireless card.


Replace the old or install the new 1Gb SODIMM RAM again taking care not to damage the clips.


Replace the case panel and reinsert the laptop battery. Plug into mains and power up.

You should now have 2Gb of RAM, enter the BIOS using the ESC key at the post screen just to make sure….


There you go one memory upgraded Amilo Pa 1510, it now fly's under Vista and it doesn't crash or BSOD anymore in my case, well not as much anyway :¬)


  1. Thanks for the photos...this is a very good presentation that helped me a lot to understand...BTW mine does not crash anymore too and it's much faster!!!!

  2. Thanks for the photos. Are you sure that this supports only 2gb?, I have tested my laptop with one module of 2Gb and another module of 512Mb, and windows detects 2.5Gb.

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    2. Did you only replace the easier to get to module that you get to from underneath ?

    3. Did you only replace the easier to get to module that you get to from underneath ?

  3. crico, I've been away a bit, in answer to your question, I was only going by the blurb from the manual, but I've not tried to upgrade to more.

    Maybe it can, it'll be nice if it can :)

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  5. CAn you please give us some informations about how to open the back lid of this fs. i have the same laptop too

  6. thanks mate..great job....

  7. So now i know why i didnt get the keyboard off, the clips hehe.
    Great guide, keep up the good work :)


  8. Can i upgrade anything else at this laptop? can i change CPU?

  9. Thank you very much m8, i found the first one on the under side but i was not shure about the second one onder the keyboard. Your post made that sure for me. Very Great Job !

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