Sunday, 18 July 2010

iPad the unwrapping.

When I got back home with the iPad after chomping at the bit all afternoon as I was at work, I had to make dinner and eat before unpacking the new baby in my life. So first thing I did was make the wife guilty by just arranging on the coffee table the neatly packaged bits :-)

After dinner was served, in which I made a pig of myself trying to stuff all three courses into my mouth at once to get it over with in record time, I moved over to the coffee table where the "iPad" awaited in it's box.
It stood there like a monolith from 2001, beckoning me.

The unpacking began.

Nicely was it wrapped in plastic it was...

Of course the rest of the items in the packaging is minimal, data sync cable and plug for charging.

The usual instruction stuff, not that there are many useful things in there, mainly pointers to the Apple site for various add ons like mobile me. Oh and the usual Apple stickers. (I once put one of those on a shredder :)

Ooh it's so sleek :-D

Let's get ready to connect the little beauty...

The only place to connect anything on the iPad, except the earphone Jack at the top of the unit.

The first screen at switch on. Sorry about the flash.

Okay, I was given a microsim to try out with the iPad at the store, so I proceeded tp go through the instructions for installing it using the supplied tool to release the microsim receptacle.

Unfortunately as you can see from this, the sim was not a microsim. It had no hope in hell of fitting.

But here we are now, two weeks on and and a very useful tool it has become, a last snapshot of the screen as it is of this moment :)

Hope you've enjoyed this unwrapping of a 21st Century iconic technology which I'm sure will be as every bit as successful as the iPhone.

I will give a list and comments on the useful apps I have found so far, most of them freebies, in the next blog, be patient ; D

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