Saturday, 25 February 2012

XPMode on Win 7 Home and Home Premium

I have discovered a way to install XPMode's Virtual PC onto the Home versions of Win 7.

Make your way to and select one of the Professional/Enterprise or Ultimate OS selections and then your language.

You will now be able to download the files to your system. the only one you need to worry about is the third step, Windows Virtual PC Download. Install this component and then reboot, you now have Virtual PC installed onto your system. if you still have the media and a license for XP you can now go ahead and install XP then install the Integration Components, and viola you now have XPMode in the Home and Premuim versions of Win 7.

You could download the Windows XP Mode step 2 but you will find that it will not work as XP Mode detects your underlying OS version and will not run under the Home and Premium versions of Win 7.

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